How Long Is Ativan Rehab?

Ativan Rehab

Many people have questions about rehab, and one of them is the duration of treatment. They want to know how long the average period one needs to stay inside the facility for treatment. This is normal and we understand why you want to know the approximate time you’ll be staying for treatment.

Today, we’re going to talk about how long it takes for you to recover from Ativan addiction.

How Long Does Rehab Last?

If you visit different rehab centers, they will have varying periods for treating patients suffering from Ativan abuse. It could be 30, 60, or 90 days of treatment. The duration depends on many factors including the overall health of the patient, the level of addiction, and the possible use of other substances alongside Ativan.

Regardless of your treatment period, recovering from substance addiction is a lifelong process. Even after rehab, you still need to keep all your learning from rehab for you to keep yourself clean.

Let’s understand more about the various treatment duration for Ativan addiction.

30-Day Program

This is the initial program given to patients as a way to determine how fast the recovery is. If a patient successfully recovers within 30 days, that’s a strong sign of the effectiveness of the treatment.

A 30-day program will have the necessary elements of a comprehensive rehab treatment. This will include medication, detox, and counseling. The professionals do a holistic approach to treating patients.

It would also be beneficial to you if you can finish your treatment within 30 days. It means lesser expense and shorter time to be away from work or school.

60-Day Program

If the doctor sees you need extra time to heal from addiction, the next program will last for 60 days. There are times this is automatically recommended after assessing one’s addiction.

The rehab center will always recommend what’s best for the patient. Staying a little longer than 30 days will cost more, yet the benefits of recovery are greater than its cost. One will receive comprehensive medical services to help speed up recovery.

After 60 days, the patient will be evaluated mentally, physically, and socially. If they show significant improvement, they can be discharged from the facility. There are also instances where the doctor will recommend you to a sober living home to prepare you for the outside world.

90-Day Program

Staying longer in the rehab center can be intimidating. Many patients feel anxious and tired of all the procedures done for them to get well. If the rehab center that you are in offers various activities and a homey environment, then you’ll have an enjoyable time for the entire treatment program.

The same with the 60-day program, your 90 days in rehab will be memorable since you will have fun while being inspired by the experiences of others as they recover and continue to fight addiction.

It’s never boring to be in rehab since there will be different activities in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Some of the activities done are prayer, meditation, yoga, workout, group therapies, games, and individual counseling. Varied activities that will fit your needs.

In most cases, the longer you stay for treatment, the lower the risk for relapse. The longer treatment period helps strengthen the healthier you, which you need once you leave rehab.

Ativan Rehab

What are the Factors Affecting the Duration of the Rehab Program?

Some patients don’t want to stay long inside the rehab. What they don’t understand, the longer you stay for treatment, the higher is the success rate for you to stay sober after rehab. But it’s not you telling how long you stay for treatment, it will be your doctor’s assessment. Also, below are the common variables determining how long your treatment will be for Ativan addiction:

  • Addiction status of the patient
  • Insurance cost
  • The level of treatment and care the patient needs to recover
  • The presence of co-occurring mental disorder

Is a Longer Rehab Program Better?

There are pros and cons to having a longer treatment time for Ativan addiction. You may feel tired of staying longer in rehab, yet the overall benefits outweigh the cost of treatment. Below are the best benefits of getting a longer period for rehab:

  • The benefits of counseling and therapies will grow deeper in the patient. This is necessary for the patient to stay sober after coming out from rehab.
  • Staying in sober living houses is good since it provides a smooth transition from a controlled environment to the outside society.
  • One will have a deeper understanding of how to positively cope with triggers and stress.
  • Having a longer detox session is beneficial to eliminate more toxins in the body.
  • A higher chance of staying clean and longer breaks between relapses.

A Personalized Treatment Plan Is Best

Every patient is unique, so giving individualized treatment is a must. A professional rehab center knows this, and they will do their best to give you a custom rehab plan that works for you. It will be based on their initial assessment of your condition before immersing you in treatment.

Regardless of the steps involved in your treatment, the ultimate goal of rehab is to reshape your mind, body, and behavior. We want to change your bad habits and reinforce your positive ways of coping with stress and peer pressure.

Ativan Rehab

Get Treated Today

Enrolling into rehab is a challenge, yet you need to focus on the benefit of recovering from addiction. Bringing back your healthy and happy life with friends and family. This is the ultimate goal of rehab. We want you to regain your healthy self so that you can return to your family and society as a productive citizen.

If ever you have a longer rehab program, don’t be discouraged since that is recommended to address your conditions.

Do you have other questions related to rehab? Feel free to reach out, and we’ll help you understand things about addiction rehab programs.

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