Signs I Need Marijuana Detox

Marijuana Detox

Marijuana, a Schedule I drug, is an addictive substance that comes from the cannabis plant. While some people use the drug recreationally, not all of them develop physical dependence.

This is the main reason why several states in the United States have already approved its legalization for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

However, this does not remove the risks that the drug brings especially to teenagers, and those with pre-existing mental health problems. The risk for addiction is even higher when the individual has a history of drug abuse or alcoholism.

When Is It Time To Quit Using Marijuana

Marijuana DetoxWhen a person is diagnosed with a Cannabis Use Disorder, this means that they have developed physical dependence.

When this happens, it follows that a detox treatment is necessary to prevent the substance from causing further trouble to one’s personal life and overall health.

The following are strong indications that it is time to quit marijuana use and start detoxing.

You are detached from your usual interests

Popularly known as a mind-altering substance, marijuana tends to affect the level of your motivation in life. When you find yourself losing interest in activities that commonly bring you fulfillment, it is a red flag that you need to stop using the drug.

If you manifest this behavior, typically you have nothing else in mind but marijuana. You cannot enjoy other things anymore without the drug. You become indifferent about your well-being as well as your relationships with other people.

You fail to fulfill your responsibilities

Marijuana tends to impair the logical function of your brain. It disrupts your memory and your ability to concentrate and fulfill tasks. Students may struggle with their studies while adults may find themselves unable to accomplish their work.

You may also find it difficult to understand things and react to situations appropriately. You can likely be reckless about your life especially when you are driving or engaging in sex. The risk of a car crash or spreading sexually transmitted diseases can be very common.

Your relationships are disrupted

Just as how withdrawn you could become from your responsibilities and interests, you may also feel the same way towards your families and friends. Your addiction to the substance can cause you to strain your relationships, and with this, you should highly consider quitting.

You are most likely suffering from a disorder if you disapprove of people who are against your substance use, and also when you begin to isolate yourself from those who extend their concern about you.

You keep craving the drug

When you experience strong cravings for the drug and you find it too hard to fight off even if it costs you to turn down your current commitments, then you must already be suffering from physical dependence.

Intense cravings are one of the signs that you have a Cannabis Use Disorder. These cravings can lead you to occupy yourself most of the time with the use of the drug, and you even let yourself resort to taking it in excessive amounts.

You experience withdrawal symptoms

When your attempt to skip your usual marijuana dose lets you experience withdrawal, then it is best to consider detox care.

While there are no FDA-approved drugs for marijuana withdrawal, you can taper your doses to manage your symptoms. You can watch out for the following symptoms during withdrawal:

  • Marijuana DetoxLoss of appetite
  • Difficulty to sleep
  • Tremors
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • A depressed state

Although these symptoms may not be fatal, they could be unpleasant. The severity of your withdrawal also depends on how often and how much have you been using the substance.

Withdrawal symptoms may peak 10 days after your last dose and it may take two weeks for them to subside. It would be best to seek medical help when conditions become extreme.

You have an increased tolerance for the drug

Increased tolerance for the drug means you stop getting the same level of satisfaction as your usual doses give. This requires you to also increase the amount of substance that you take to experience high.

Although the risk of a fatal marijuana overdose is unlikely, it can happen to anyone, especially with high doses. It is possible to experience a psychotic break in severe cases. The following are other signs that you are experiencing an overdose:

  • An abnormal blood pressure
  • An increased heart rate
  • Dizziness and vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty to speak
  • Uncoordinated movement
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Forgetfulness and confusion

If these signs seem out of hand, seek medical help right away.

You cannot stop using the drug.

Even when you are aware of the negative consequences that your marijuana use is causing on your overall health, your professional life, and your relationships, you still struggle to get rid of the drug in your system.

No matter how much you attempt to stop using the drug, you just find it difficult to quit. This is a strong indication that you need to seek help. Detoxing all on your own may only pose greater harm to your health.

Why Is Marijuana Dangerous Among Teens

Marijuana DetoxThe impact of using marijuana among teenagers could be highly dangerous. Since their brains are still developing, the drug may affect this development and impair certain functions in the long run.

Research findings show that using marijuana frequently causes teenagers to decrease the level of their IQ, and this can no longer be recovered even after completing treatment.

Other findings also show how the drug decreases the volume of certain parts of the brain, and how its structure differs from those who do not use the drug at all.

Excessive use of marijuana among teenagers can also affect their memory and ability to learn, their sense of judgment, and the coordination of their movement.

With the legalization of marijuana in some states, teens must access the drug from their relatives or friends. It is important to always keep an eye on these youngsters to protect them from the harmful impact of marijuana.

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