How Long Does It Take For LSD To Kick In?


This hallucinogen has a long lasting impact on your brain and body. It’s made from a fungus that usually grows on grains and rye. It works the same way as serotonin, giving you a feeling good effect.

Typically, for the effects to kick in, it takes around 20 to 90 minutes from the last dose you have taken. After that, you will feel the acid trip and it can either be a good or bad trip.

How Long Does LSD’s Effects Last?

LSD AbuseGenerally, the hallucinations of this drug are common but its duration would vary depending on the person’s body, tolerance, and if he is using other substances. After taking your last dose, you will feel its peak after two to four hours.

Typically, LSD’s effects last for 12 to 24 hours, and it depends on the individual’s body and usage for the duration of the hallucinations. Even when the effects wear off, there are still instances where you will experience flashbacks of the peak.

How Many Hours Will LSD Be Removed from Your System?

It just takes a small dose for you to feel the effects of this hallucinogen. Your liver can easily digest this drug, so it’s slightly difficult to detect them using various drug tests.

Here are the average times it stays inside your system before it can be detected when you take the drug test.

  • Urine: This drug is rapidly digested by your life, leaving only 1% of its pure state, which is undetectable for a drug test.
  • Blood: For a 200 microgram LSD, it will be detected in your blood 16 hours from your last dose. If it’s half a dose, then it will last for 8 hours in your bloodstream.
  • Hair: For you to get a negative result for your hair follicle drug test, then 90 days must pass before having taken the drug test.

What Factors Affect the Duration that LSD Stays In Your System?

The duration that LSD stays inside your body depends on certain variables, which include the following:

  • Body: The more fat you have in your body, the longer it stays inside your system. Also, the more body water you have, the quicker is the dilution of this hallucinogen.
  • Age: The higher the age, the slower will be the metabolism of any drug, so it stays longer in your body.
  • Liver Condition: If your liver is in good health, then it can perform its function well, that is, metabolizing drugs.
  • Time: This means the time that lapses from your last intake of the drug. The longer time has passed, the lesser contents are detectable during a drug test.
  • Health Condition: If you are healthy, that means you have a fast metabolism, so digesting this substance will be completed pretty quickly.

What are Some Precautions When Taking LSD?

Compared to other hallucinogens, this drug is less addictive, yet its hallucinating effects linger long in the body. This in turn motivates the person to repeatedly use it again to experience the same euphoric sensation.

  • Never mix LSD with other substances since you will never see its chemical reaction.
  • Know when to stop taking this drug.

Symptoms of LSD Overdose

If you take this drug along with other antidepressants, then you will experience serotonin syndrome. When your serotonin goes to a higher level, then you will have life-threatening symptoms like extremely high fever, blackouts, seizures, abnormally increased blood pressure.

When you have a bad trip upon using this hallucinogen, then here are the following symptoms of overdose:

  • LSDDelusions
  • Suicide
  • Accidents
  • Sudden mood swings
  • Panic attacks
  • Paranoia
  • Depression and anxiety

How Does the First Acid Trip Feel Like?

For most people, using this hallucinogen feels exciting and fun, however, it depends on your mood before taking the drug. If you are in a happy mood, then definitely, you will have a good trip with this, otherwise, you will have a bad trip.

This hallucinogen amplifies your current mood, so you need to take it at the right time.

What is a Bad Trip?

LSDYou experience a bad trip when you have a negative experience after taking the drug. If you are depressed or anxious upon taking it, then surely you will have a bad trip for the entire 8 to 24 hours.

People with a family history of mental problems are also at risk of getting this when they take LSD. On the other hand, some users start on a good trip and then later end on a bad trip.

Want To Overcome LSD Addiction?

Overdosing with LSD is still treatable and you need to have the will to recover or else your treatment will be useless. Your first step is acceptance of your weakness, and then consulting a doctor or addiction specialist.

These professionals have the experience and training to help you recover from LSD addiction and dependence. If you have a history of mental disorders and addiction, then you are at risk of abusing this hallucinogen.

After your consultation, you can start looking for a credible rehab center near you. Inquire of the inclusions of their treatment programs and payment methods as well.

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